My blogging journey

I’ve recently written about the drawbacks of self-hosting. In that article I talked about it from a generic and technical point of view.

Let’s get more personal now. 😉

Many years ago I was self-hosting Wordpress for my blog, but at some point I realized I was spending more time upgrading, customizing & fixing problems than writing something on it.

This situation was so frustrating that I decided to stop blogging many times because I had a sort of internal conflict. From one side I enjoyed blogging, but at the same time I didn’t have the willing to work on it from the technical side.

I even tried but it didn’t appealed me at that time.

So I gave up my blogging activity for some time till I found a service that suited my needs.

Which blogging platform drew my attention? Hold on, in the next article I will tell you which service I’m talking about.